We have been
designing motorcycles
for others for 40 years

Since the beginning we have designed and developed motorcycles for major manufacturers.

In over 40 years of activity, we have observed and touched the strong technical evolution and endless style trends that have radically changed the choices of motorcyclists.

We follow the trends and analyze their effects in order to always come up with something new and distinctive.

Our team is able to follow the entire development process from the first conceptual lines to the complete engineering of the vehicle, we also handle all stages of industrialization and mass production.

Designing a beautiful motorcycle is fundamental, but our deep industrial knowledge allows us to manage in parallel all the technical aspects necessary to obtain high quality and reliable vehicles over time.

Our Partnership

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  • aprilia-marabese-design-partner
  • yamaha-marabese-design-partner
  • triumph-marabese-design-partner
  • suzuki-marabese-design-partner
  • fiat-abarth-marabese-design-partner
  • bajaj-marabese-design-partner
  • piaggio-marabese-design-partner
  • jedi-marabese-design-partner
  • moto-guzzi-marabese-design-partner
  • polini-marabese-design-partner
  • gilera-marabese-design-partner
  • moto-morini-marabese-design-partner
  • kimko-marabese-design-partner
  • dealim-marabese-design-partner
  • puch-marabese-design-partner

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  • baltur-marabese-design-partner
  • derbi-marabese-design-partner
  • hrd-marabese-design-partner
  • horex-marabese-design-partner
  • imetec-marabese-design-partner
  • new-holland-marabese-design-partner
  • jianshe-marabese-design-partner
  • cpi-marabese-design-partner
  • moto-bi-marabese-design-partner
  • polaris-marabese-design-partner
  • qingqicpi-marabese-design-partner
  • riello-marabese-design-partner
  • rumi-marabese-design-partner
  • sym-marabese-design-partner

Some of our latest

We carefully blend the needs of companies and the expectations of the market and clearly define the goals to be achieved through the analysis of each component. Innovation, Style, Performance are considered as such only if they are aligned with high Quality standards and adequate production costs.

Roberto Marabese
Head of Design
Riccardo Marabese
Roberto Betteto
Head Product Development
Sara Cattaneo
Program Manager
Stefano Rimoldi
Senior Designer

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