Jedi GT 750
8 March 2024
Mondial Flex 300
15 March 2024

Jedi FR 750

A sport bike with a retro flavor.

A sports nude with 80s nostalgia

The Chinese market is looking at European style, both modern-day style and the iconic style of the 1970s and 1980s.

Thus, FR 750 was born, whose style blends the typical lines of those years with modern-day design and technology.

FR 750 Development Step

Some of the most important steps in the development of this vehicle are summarized below.

Market Analysis

As with all Marabese projects, market analysis is the first step in defining the goals of style, innovation, and target product positioning.

Style Sketches

Roberto Marabese was inspired by the iconic motorcycles of the 1970s and 1980s for this vehicle.

Elongated tanks, squared-off headlights, minimalist fairings as found in the famous Guzzi Le Mans 850 motorcycle or the Kawasaki Z 1300.

In the FR 750 the same shapes are revived with a modern interpretation.

Mock up 1:1

Once approved, the style sketch takes shape through the creation of the 1:1 scale mockup.

At this very important stage, in addition to confirming the style guidelines defined in the mockup, the ergonomics of the entire vehicle was also verified

3D development, technical base and bodywork

The mockup is scanned and from this the reverse engineering phase of the bodywork begins.

At the same time, the pre-study and development of each component regarding the technical basis begins.

Prototypes realization for functional validation

A series of prototypes with increasing level of definition were made from the previously developed 3D CAD files.

The purpose of the prototypes was to carry out both cycling tests and tests for functional validation of each technical subassembly of the vehicle (cooling system, fuel system, etc.).

Pre-series technical, commercial, S.O.P.

Having obtained approval for the final prototype, Marabese started the technical and commercial pre-series phases useful for testing all the procedures necessary for mass production.

From this phase, vehicles were selected for road testing in order to give approval for production.

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