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Luciano's innate gift and highly innovative vision give a strong boost to the demand for design from the large industrial groups of the time.

MARABESE is thus commissioned to develop products for the Piaggio Spa Group.

From here will begin a long and deep collaboration that will see the development of numerous internationally successful projects and that will lead MARABESE to distinguish itself on the world scene.

The 20-year collaboration with PIAGGIO was the first but the following years allowed MARABESE to develop hundreds of new products with new and equally famous manufacturers of the caliber of APRILIA, YAMAHA, TRIUMPH, etc.
A particularly important and intense collaboration was with MOTO GUZZI, a brand that always remained in Luciano's heart and therefore gave him the right motivation to design the models that would give the historic brand the right revival.

In the 2000s, strong relationships began with Asian companies that, seeing the results in terms of innovations, decided to entrust MARABESE with the development of new products for Western markets.
The booming Asian markets required continuous support that still continues today and allows MARABESE to remain a reference point.

The creativity of the artist merges with the rationality of industry.

Thanks to Luciano's authority and his ability to pass on his passion in the mid-1990s, his sons Roberto and Riccardo brought to MARABESE a further creative and entrepreneurial drive that allowed the range of research activities to be broadened.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, in fact, proposals for innovation and technological development have steadily grown so much that in 2007 a parallel reality dedicated to the development of multi-wheel projects will be born: QUADRO.

The years of experience and more than 400 projects developed give Roberto and Riccardo the ability to be able to think beyond the present to see in the forms what the market still does not know and guide people's perception through the constant analysis of the current market and potential openings to new concepts.

Style blends with technology and innovation but carefully follows the industrial processes that form the basis of each new project.

1976 - 1984

In the mid-1970s Luciano Marabese decided to devote his talents to the world of industrial design and in particular in the field of Motorcycle. His desire to create without limits led him to found his own company called HRD (Happy Red Devils) that from its debut would highlight the value of his ideas.

1984 - 1990

In the wake of the first HRD projects presented at the International Motorcycle Show in Milan, Luciano was called by GILERA, a historic Italian brand that needed to relaunch its image with innovative and disruptive products. Were numerous in those years the collaborations that saw Luciano involved as Head of Style and Innovation and that led him to the decision to found his own Design company that still bears his name.

1990 - 2000

Continued deep collaboration with Gilera and excellent results from specialized critics led to a natural expansion of collaborations with the Piaggio group for which numerous products were developed, among which we can mention Piaggio's first plastic scooter called SFERA, winner of the 1991 "Compasso d'oro" award.

2000 - 2010

The new Millennium defines MARABESE as a world benchmark in the development of new styling concepts, and it is in this decade that the best-known international motorcycle companies would commission MARABESE to provide deep and lasting support for important projects. In 2005 the company decided to invest directly in the development of new technologies for urban mobility by dedicating a department to the development of new multi-wheel Tilting systems.

2010 - 2018

From Design to Industry. Strengthened by the technological development dedicated to the sector of Tilting Multiwheel Products, Marabese founds his own manufacturing company "QUADRO Tecnologie SRL" with which he creates the range of 3 and 4 Wheel Tilting products still unique in its kind. Research and development activities were managed directly by the Marabese family until 2018, when Riccardo and Roberto decided to devote themselves to further entrepreneurial projects.

2018 - Today

MARABESE continues to develop new mobility concepts in the area of Multiwheel tilting vehicles and creates synergies with important industrial groups, relations with the best known brands are also progressing and the growing demand for design coming from Asia leads to start collaborations with new emerging companies that see in MARABESE's experience an authoritative support.

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